Q) Do stains really come out of carpets with steam cleaning?
A) Most stains are easier to remove with steam cleaning.

Q) Why is steaming cleaning so much healthier?
A) Steam cleaning is healthier as it is completely natural and does not contain cleaning chemicals.

Q) Will couches lose colour over time?
A) Yes they will however this can be delayed with proper cleaning techniques.

Q) Can Bathrooms be professionally cleaned?
A) Yes, almost every area of your home can be professionally cleaned.

Q) Are Carpet nests for bugs?
A) Many insects can infest your home and find shelter in your carpets.

Q) Am I able to email Carpet Cleaning, Johannesburg
A) Yes you can on their website and they will call you back or respond via Email themselves.

Q) Can my pets damage my Carpets?
A) Pets are able to damage them by trying to dig or claw on them.